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Featured in Fashion Blog - Manic Style

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California sorority sisters Anna Golka and Samantha Power run their joint blog, Manic.Style out of Santa Barbara, California. With a passion for beauty, art, & fashion- this blog takes its followers from diverse art to their favorite styles and trends in the fashion world.

This week, Anna shares one of her favorite Bingo bikinis (trendy colorblock!) with photos basking in the California sun in their 'currently obsessed' section. See what they had to say about the style and fit to their followers here.

Feature in DRAW DRESS DREAM Blog!

We're happy to announce that we have been featured in the fashion blog DrawDressDream Australian blogger Carmel Jenkin is a visual artist with a strong passion for fashion. DrawDressDream takes you into a reflection of her ideas, inspirations and stylish taste in fashion. Today she takes our Hummingbird cropped rash guard and high waisted bottoms to [...]

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How Celebrities Influence Our Choice in Swimwear

Style Trends: How Celebrities Influence Our Choice in SwimwearGreat Britain has a long history of looking to the Royal Family for fashion trends, and classy style. It started with Princess Diana and continues with Princess Kate Middleton. In America, we pay attention to what Hollywood celebrities wear, making them our “royals” and following their styles. With regard to swimwear, it’s no [...]

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Swimwear Trends 2016

Every year, Miami, the home of white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical waters, and some of the hottest swimwear designers in the world showcase their predictions for the up and coming swimwear trends. This year’s show did not disappoint. The designers have their fingers on the pulse of what the ladies of today want in swimwear: sexy, affordable styles, with [...]

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